Local Covid-19 Regulations and Latest News

Our Covid-19 Measures

In this time of uncertainty we want to assure you that your safety and comfort remain our highest priority. We take the utmost care to ensure every stay with us is safe, clean and comfortable. Some of our measures include: Rigorous cleaning and sanitisation of guest rooms/ Not using the rooms for at least 24 hours after each check-out/ Frequent sanitisation of high-contact points, such as elevator buttons, door handles, reception desk and bathrooms/ Hand sanitisers placed at guest contact areas/ Provision of medical masks and gloves for our guests and employees upon request/ Regular training of our employees ensuring proper hand hygiene and awareness of Covid-19.

Face Masks

Wearing a face mask in all public spaces including on the streets is obligatory in Istanbul. For violations there is a rarely applied penalty of TL 900 (appr. 100 Euros). Face masks and latex gloves are available on your request at the Front Desk.

Curfew for Local Residents

Starting on December 1, for local residents of Istanbul there is a night curfew between 9 pm and 5 am during week days and a full day curfew during Saturday and Sundays. This regulation concerns only the local population and tourists are exempted from this rule. During the periods of lockdown tourists can freely go out and enjoy their time off in the streets of an unusually empty Istanbul. Taxis and public transport continue working as before. The two major historic sites close to our hotel, the Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque are open to visitors during their regular hours, seven days of the week.

Restaurant Closures

According to these new measures, restaurants, cafes and bars are not allowed to serve customers inside their premises. On the other hand, during week days between 10am and 8pm, customers individually can go and take away food from the restaurants. During seven days of the week they alternatively can order food online or by telephone and let them be home/ hotel delivered (With no time restriction during week-days, but until 8pm during Saturday and Sundays). In our hotel we are well-prepared to this new situation. Throughout your stay with us, we are ready to assist you in ordering meal from selected restaurants and serve them in our dining hall or in your room.

Duration of the Lockdown

Duration of the curfew period and how long the the restaurant closures will last are not fixed by the authorities. They may continue for a few weeks, until over mid-December or maybe longer, depending on the results obtained during this period.

Covid-19 Test in the Hotel

At both Istanbul airports all airlines require passengers to come up with the result of a Covid-19 PCR test made during the last 48 hours before their flight. Many hospitals and laboratories in Istanbul do these tests on demand. For the convenience of our guests we cooperate with a laboratory which sends a representative to our hotel upon appointment to the the test here in the hotel.

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