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In recent times Istanbul has evolved into one of the world’s most important art centers. The city’s art life is at its peak during big events such as the worldwide renowned "Istanbul Biennial" or the "Istanbul Contemporary" and the newly added "ArtInternational" art fairs. In our listing we brought together the most important ones among the city’s numerous art galleries. Click on the small images to see a photo of each gallery; you can also click on the name of each place to see its location and its proximity to our hotel on the map

Near Galata Bridge (not far, but taxi or tram recommended)

Salt Galata. The old center of the Ottoman Bank successfully transformed into an art center with temporary exhibitions and a museum of the bank

Mana Gallery. Mana (concept or meaning in Turkish) is a beautiful gallery space with comtemporary art exhibitions.

Elipsis Gallery is entirely devoted to the medium of photography exhibiting works of internationally-acclaimed artists as well as emerging artists from Turkey and abroad.

Tophane Art Galleries. In recent years Tophane area has witnessed an explosion of galleries. Several of them can be found in the Boğazkesen Street. You can visit their facebook page by clicking here to get a comprehensive information.

At Beyoğlu

Mısır Apt Galleries: Nev et al. A 19th century apartment building housing some of Istanbul's best art galleries like Nev and Zilberman. Open 11-19.

Salt Beyoğlu. This beautifully restored apartment building form 1860's, has three floors of exhibition space, bookshop, cafe and a walk-in cinema.

Arter Art Gallery is an art center with the aim of encouraging contemporary artists and the production of contemporary artworks.

Non Gallery is devoted to artists who embrace non-disciplinary art practices – resulting in new languages and artistic experiences.

Rodeo Gallery showcases avant-garde art along the lines of performance, installation, and concept-driven ready-made art.

Apel Gallery Occupying the basement floors of a beautiful turn-of-the-century apartment building, Apel displays temporary exhibits by national as well as international artists.

In other areas of Istanbul

Rampa Gallery. Located in one of the recently renovated Akaretler Row Houses, Rampa is one of the largest galleries in Istanbul providing facilities for large-scale works and installations.

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