In the last decade Istanbul’s urban panorama has been reshaped by high residential towers and commercial centers that can hardy be distinguished from one another and reflect more standardization and less creativity. This is the reason why our listing includes more of the good examples of the old architecture and less of the new. You can click on the name of each place to see its location and its proximity to our hotel on the map.

At walking distance from our hotel

Soğukçeşme Street. A row of restored old houses elegantly lined up along the wall of the Topkapı Palace. They are typical examples of Turkish wooden houses and the street carries the atmosphere of an old Istanbul neighbourhood.

Ottoman Han (Büyük Yeni Han) is the best preserved Ottoman han (old hotel) in Istanbul. Built during the 17th century, it was used to store goods coming off ships anchored in the Golden Horn and as a caravanserai, or hotel, for traveling merchants.

Near Galata Bridge (not far, but taxi or tram recommended)

Galata district. The streets around the Galata Tower have European-style turn-of-the-century apartment houses. After decades of neglect this area is also in the process of gentrification and the real estate prices have already skyrocketed during the last decade. There are nice neighbourhood cafes and interesting designer stores in the streets around the tower.

Bookstore: Chamber of Architects. This bookstore at the ground floor of the cute small building of the Istanbul Chamber of Architects has a good choice of achitecture books in Turkish and English.

In other parts of the old city

Süleymaniye Ayrancı Street. The streets at this corner of the Süleymaniye complex have many old wooden houses and an Ottoman era neighborhood feel.

Fener & Balat Districts. These two old Jewish and Greek districts (now inhabited almost exclusively by Muslim Turks) have narrow streets, old houses and a well-kept old Istanbul atmosphere. After decades of neglect both areas are in the process of gentrification.

At Beyoğlu

Çukurcuma Area. This neighbourhood on the slope of Beyoğlu descending towards the Bosphorus is full with designer furniture stores, second hand shops and artistic cafes. The Faik Pasha Street has nice apartment buildings from the end of the 19th century.

Serdar Ekrem Str. has beautiful 19th-century apartment buildings . Doğan Apt. building is designed in French and Italian styles by unknown architects and is a private residence with 52 flats. Ipera 25 building in the lower parallel Tatar beyi Str. is an example by modern architecture.

At Bosphorus

Bosphorus "Yalı"s. "Yalı" means a mansion at the waterfront. Their best remaining examples -some from the 17th century- are along both shores of the Bosphorus. Taking a boat cruise is the best way to explore these most expensive mansions of Istanbul. Time table for the boats can be obtained from our front desk.

In other areas of Istanbul

Summer mansions in Büyükada. All the islands, but especially Büyükada are full with beautiful examples of 100-year-old summer mansions. The islands were and to some extend still are the summer escape of the wealthy of the city.

SantralIstanbul. An energy museum, an amphitheater, concert halls and a public library, all situated within the Silahtarağa campus of Istanbul Bilgi University. The complex was formerly the first power station of the Ottoman Empire. Fee TL 25. Open 10-18.

Maslak skyscrapers. Maslak is the newly developing business district of Istanbul. A new skyscraper is being added to the toll almost every week so that we locals drive through it with surprise every other time.

Zorlu Center is a huge complex where five separate functions are brought together at a single location: Residences, Shopping Mall, Hotel, Performing Arts Center, and Offices. It is designed by the Emre Arolat Mimarlık - Tabanlıoğlu Mimarlık Joint Venture Group.

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